5 best video editing software for YouTube in 2020


Are you searching for the best video editing software, you are absolutely at a right place. With the growing demands of video editing software, there is wide variety of editing software available in a market today but here are the lists of some popular one:

1.   Final cut pro X (Mac):

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Final cut pro X is developed by apple Inc. Final cut pro is a series of non-liner video editing software. It is most popular video editing software among mac users. This software is exclusive to Intel powered mac computers. Also, it has wide variety of editing tools available and the latest version is even faster and much simpler than previous version.

Moreover, final cut pro is more popular among YouTuber nowadays because of its great result. It had also made popularity among film directors who was set to use Avids technology. Some of the famous movies edited on this tool are Wolverine, social network and dragon tool.

  • Pros: tools are very well organized including tagging, libraries, scenes, auto face analysis. This video editing software is very popular among youtubers. It has multi cam support and good stabilization. Also, it features color correction tools, easily support 8k film formats, HDR and 360 degree video support.
  • Cons: It does not go into deep features as compared to other video editing software and also it is limited to mac users only.
  • Minimum system requirements: mac OS 10.14.6 or later, 4 GB of ram, metal-supported graphic card, minimum available disk space of 3.8 GB.

2.   Adobe premiere pro (win/mac):

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Adobe Premiere pro is more popular, professional and premium video editing software available in software industry. It is supported on both mac as well as on windows operating system. It’s a timeline-based application developed by adobe and published as a part of adobe creative cloud licensing program. It’s industry leading video editing software for film, TV and web.

Some of the notable edited on this software are Avatar, Deadpool, Nancy, Terminator etc. Adobe premiere pro have user-friendly interface with tons of features added to it. It has some special features such as multiple format support, multiple video types, VR editing, advanced color correction etc.

  • Pros: convenient with both mac and windows operating system. High quality of video and audio editing, real time content editing. Support various formats such as flash video, HD, HDV and more. It’s also a great video editing software for YouTube.
  • Cons: requires high system hardware and subscription pricing is bit high.
  • Minimum system requirements :- windows (Intel 6th gen or above, windows 10 1803 or later, 8 GB of ram, 2 GB of VRAM and 8 GB of free available hard-disk space); Mac (Intel 6th gen or above, macOS v10.13, 8 GB of ram, 2 GB GPU and 8 GB of available hard disk space).

3.   Wondershare Filmora (win/mac):

Wondershare Filmora is lightweight and very easy-to-use video editing software that lets you empower your creativity with amazing results. Introduced by wondershare technology, filmora is very simple video editing software. Its surprisingly instinctive and well-designed interface with plenty of additional affects.

With wondershare filmora amazing movies can be created through a simple timeline interface, where one can edit video by importing video, audio and photo file in media library and further dropping them in timeline. Various special effects add more value to this software too.

  • Pros: Great video editor software with bunch of tools. Easy to use and upload it to YouTube, facebook and other video sites. Lots of affects and overlays. Not so expensive.
  • Cons: not so touch friendly, cutter mode and action camera only allows one clip at a time. Not so bulky software.
  • Minimum system requirements: win7/win8/win10, Intel i3 or above, 3 GB physical ram and 2 GB free hard-disk space; mac OS 10.10, 2 ghz or above processor, 4 GB physical ram and 2 GB of free hard disk space.
  • Minimum graphics requirements: Intel HD Graphics 5000 or above, NVIDIA GeForce 700 or above, AMD Radeon R 5 or above.

4.   Blender (win/mac/Linux):

Blender is developed by blender foundation. It’s free and open source 3D computer graphic software commonly used for creating animated films, visual effects, art and 3D printed models. Furthermore, it is also used for motion graphics, interactive 3D application and video games. Some of the blender’s special feature includes texturing, rigging, painting, modeling, sculpting, fluids, tracking, 3D modeling, raster graphics editing, UV unwrapping, skinning, fluid and smoke simulation, rendering, compositing etc.

  • Pros: price free, flexibility with different operating system such as windows, mac OS, Linux and more. Many features with great stability. Available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. The software also contains features that are characteristic of high-end 3D software.
  • Cons- proper motion capture support is lacking. Slow view port performance.
  • Minimum system requirements: win7/win8/win10, dual core 2 ghz CPU, 4 GB of ram; mac OS 10.12 plus, dual core 2 ghz CPU, 4 GB of ram; Linux, dual core 2 ghz CPU, 4 GB of ram.
  • Minimum graphics requirements: NVIDIA GeForce 400 and above, AMD GCN 1st gen and above, Intel haswell or above, macOS 10.12 or above.

5.   Corel VideoStudio Pro (win):

Corel VideoStudio offers a great video editing experience to beginners. It supports different video formats and allows both timeline-oriented and storyboard editing. A well-arranged and design user interface makes very smooth to operate. Even being simpler it doesn’t lack any useful features. Moreover, t also contains many power tools which helps the user producing impressive videos easily.

With all new customizable options you can easily customize the movement of graphics, objects, titles and video clips. Unlike the other video editing software novices can easily get into Corel videostudio features. Furthermore, It marks a great start for incompetent video maker or editor along with wide selection of fun video creation tools.

  • Pros: Wide selection of tools. Simple and clear interface. Supports ultra HD and 3D media. Easy for new users. It doesn’t cost too much and provides easy, fun and creative ways to edit videos. Also, no more powerful hardware requirements. You can create outstanding video output with this simple application.
  • Cons: slow rendering speed. Not suitable for professional editors. Also, it has limited overlay tracks. Complex video edit usually get hampered.
  • Minimum system requirements: windows7/windows8/windows10 64 bit OS, Intel core i3 3.0 ghz or higher, Intel core i5/i7 1.06 ghz or higher, Intel core i7/AMD Athlon A10 or higher for ultra HD video editing, 4 GB of ram or higher, 8 GB plus ram for ultra HD, minimum 256 MB of VRAM, minimum 4 GB hard disk space for installation.


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