Advanced iOS 14 – Power with Security


The new advanced iOS 14 brings a fresh and simplified look to the user interface, making it easier to use than before. Apple works harder in terms of hardware and software to deliver world class experience for its customers. The new iOS 14 makes easier and quicker for you to perform what you need. Additionally the apps you use, now has been smarter and secure than before.

Advanced iOS 14 – features in brief

Experience more

Apple has redesigned its widgets to give you more information at a glimpse. Also, now you can add them to your home screen by selecting different size. Furthermore, the new iOS features “app library” which makes easier to view and navigate. Apps are now arranged in category wise for more easy navigation.

Advanced iOS 14

Now picking up the call won’t capture your full screen – it is now compact and will appear below the notch portion while performing other task. So now feel free to take up calls while using any other app. Furthermore, the advanced iOS 14 now also features picture in picture mode where you can now continue using other app during face time call & watching videos.

Intelligent messaging

Conversations now become smarter in iOS 14. You can pin up to 9 conversations which is important for you to keep on the top conversation list, so you can get them easily. Also, group photos can be given new appearance by adding photos, emoji or memoji.

Moreover, now you can also message directly to someone in a group my mentioning their name. Also, there is now inline replies similar like other messenger app where you can reply to a particular message in a group. In addition to this, there are now new memoji stickers and styles available.

Advanced iOS 14 maps & translate apps

Map got more advanced now by showing cycling direction using cycle lane, road and paths. Moreover, it will show elevation, stairs and traffic which will help you planning your trip. Furthermore, the new map allows you to plan your trip with charging station in the way.

Importantly, Apple map Guide option will serve you the best in exploring, eating and shopping around the world. Along with this, the new translate app now features 11 different language conversations.

Siri & Home app – friendlier than before

Siri evolved to compact and more useful voice assistant than before. Now with new compact look you can quickly access siri on the same screen on which you are performing any task. Furthermore, Siri got more active finding information from across the web and sending voice message. Home app also got friendlier with smart home appliance – now you have more actions to perform.

Friendly AirPods & app clips

With the advances iOS 14, the AirPod features spatial audio, AirPod battery notification to let you know about the power remaining, seamless automatic switching between devices and headphone accommodation for more crisp and clear sound. The new iOS also features app clips – It’s an instant and small part of an app you need at the moment for payment, orders and much more.

Advanced iOS 14 Privacy

Privacy is the most focused point when coming to Apple products. The new iOS features secure Safari browser which monitors your saved passwords to maintain its safety. Also, now Apple app store practices privacy for data sharing transparency. Furthermore, now you can choose sign in with Apple for one less password when logging in to other apps.

Moreover, now you have an option to share your approximate location when exact location is no more needed such as local news, weather report or radio. In addition to this one of the best security feature that have been added in the new iOS is that, whenever your app is using camera or microphone, an indicator appears at the top your screen above the network bar. For in depth information – visit here.

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