Best web hosting service provider of 2020


Making your presence consistent across world wide web is most important when you talk about hosting services. There are many web hosting service provider prevailing in the market. But what you need is more reliable one. Hosting services should be capable of your requirement because hosting is a service which gives you location and gear which helps make your website great across internet. It’s a base for your website so better the base, more strong your website. Therefore, choosing the best web hosting service is more important as it will help in improved appearance across web and gain more audience. Ultimately helping your business and presence. List of some best web hosting provider in 2020 are:

Best web hosting service provider

1. Bluehost:

A United States based hosting service provider. It is a part of massive corporation known as Endurance International Group. It provides lots of other hosting-related products from domain names to dedicated servers. Powering over millions of websites, blueshost also provides ultimate wordpress platform. It really gives you an excellent support and service for which bluehost earned many positive reviews. So choose your plan wisely and get started.

2. Hostinger:

For an ultimate server speed and service, Hostinger by Hostinger International Ltd is well known. It is among best web hosting service provider of the year. Hostinger is twice as fast in comparison to others. It delivers 99.9% uptime. Furthermore, it provides you free domain with unlimited features in amazing introductory price. Customer support is notable too. Sure you will always be positive after hosting via Hostinger.

3. HostGator:

Hostgator is also a Houston (United States) based web hosting service provider acquired by the same Endurance International Group. It provides low-coast shared hosting service and also wordpress managed hosting option which is very strong point favoring Hostgator. With desired features, top-level support and pricing creates high demand among new users.

4. GoDaddy:

GoDaddy Inc. is an American publicly traded internet domain registrar & web hosting service. It offers a bundle of service in a well tied manner. With aggressive pricing, customer support, it is hosting on current Linux technology. GoDaddy has advanced security monitoring and web application which prevent the hackers away. Also, it gained its position in best web hosting service again in 2020 with many positive users counted in millions.

5. Inmotion hosting:

Inmotion is an American independent company since 2001. Because if its great products and services it advanced to be one of the top web hosting service today. May be Inmotion hosting unknown to many but it provides excellent service in terms of hosting. It provides auto backup, free secure socket layer (SSL) and added premium site builder. Furthermore it is reliable, very fast, secure and provides very good support.

6. SiteGround:

SiteGround is also one of the best high performing web and wordpress hosting service founded in 2004 in Bulgeria. It is in the top most races in web hosting service this year but others get advantage over SiteGround in terms of pricing. If pricing does not matter to you it is best in terms of service and security over others. It provides very high speed with free SSL certificate and daily backup. May there be a setback for you because of limited storage and strict data policy.

7. WebHostingPad:

Next hassle-free hosting is provided by webhostingPad. It’s a great selection for a small business owner and blogger. Its low pricing creates more demand. It can be considered as best and cheap deal It also has downside regarding low speed compared to others and restrictive backup.

8. Hostwinds:

Claiming as a customer centric web hosting service, it is really serving its best through years. Hostwinds excel in customer satisfaction along with its fast servers and low pricings. It lacks managed wordpress hosting but surely adds its advantage over customer service and 99.99% server uptime, makes it more demanding among newcomers.

9. Namecheap:

Namecheap Inc. provides domain name registration as well as web hosting service provider, based in Arizona. The name suggests when it comes to domain hosting. Price is extremely low for the first year, even after the year it has reasonable pricing as compared to others. With light user interface, security and excellent customer support it deserves to be at the top 10 web hosting service list in 2020. It is the best choice for novice.

10. Weebly:

Weebly web hosting service provider is specially aligned for eCommerce site. It has head office in San Francisco. It may not prove useful for large ecommerce site but for small ecommerce players. it’s a cost-effective way to avail this service. Weebly provides very effective tool which helps you to develop your own website quickly and competently. Also, it is very fast, easy to use and provides good mix of templates. But its bit difficult for blogger because of finite blogging tool and image editing issues.

Note: For any question or query please visit their respective website and migrate to customer support section. Representative are always there to assist you.

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