Friday, January 15, 2021


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galaxy book s

Samsung Galaxy Book S | light and powerful

Samsung has introduced light and powerful laptop named Galaxy Book S. It is light-weight which makes it easy to carry around. This...
flip phones

Motorola razr Vs Galaxy Z Flip | smart flip phones

Variety of smartphone models are present in today's market. With different look, different build quality, different camera setup, different lock methods, different...
best gaming smartphone

Top 5 & best gaming smartphones to buy in 2020

Increasing number of phone gamers are resulting in more number of games available to the players and hence competition among smartphone manufacturers....
budget gaming laptop

Top 10 best budget gaming laptop in 2020

PC gaming doesn't mean that you need top-end expensive laptop. There are also many gaming laptops which are below or around 1000$...
best gaming laptop to buy in 2020

Top 10 best gaming laptops of the year 2020

Of course everyone loves gaming and requires no interruption for best of their performance. Gaming industry advanced a lot in last two...
laptop buying guide

Best laptop buying guide | Things to consider while purchasing laptop

Laptop has become one of the basic gadgets of house. But when it comes to purchasing laptop there are various questions in...