How to choose laptop wisely – The best one


In this growing and expanding generation, having a laptop is essential for almost every one. Of course nowadays smartphone are much capable of performing various tasks but are not comparable with laptops. There are various laptops available in the store; therefore it is most important to know how to choose laptop wisely.

With growing number of laptops choices, it grows perplexity among customers to choose from. Also, there are various things to consider before purchasing such as processor, RAM, Display, Graphics, Connectivity, etc. Therefore, the question – how to choose laptop wisely will be very easy to answer by the rule of thumb. For in-depth information – (visit here).

how to choose laptop
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How to choose laptop wisely


The two Giant microprocessor companies Intel & AMD are there with multiple processor options according to your need. Intel has Atom and Pentium series of basic processor whereas AMD has Athlon series of processors. These are dual core processors which serve you best in day-to-day basic tasks such as web browsing, e-commerce, watching movies, working on Microsoft office, etc.

Beyond that Intel has i3, i5, i7 and i9 series. Here i3 series is for average users, i5 series of moderate users, i7 series for heavy users and i9 series for extreme users. In the same way AMD has Ryzen 3, 5 and 7 series processors. Hence, choose according to your need and the latest of the series. This is how to choose laptop processor; moreover you can also compare CPU score here.


It’s short term data storage of your running program. Minimum 4 GB of RAM is recommended for the basic and average users. A moderate user requires at least 8 GB of RAM for better performance and hassle-free multi-tasking. Furthermore, a heavy task user or gamer needs at least 12 to 16 GB of RAM. Also, make sure to know whether the RAM can be extended or not before making purchase.


GPU is responsible for handling graphic related content on your PC. For all the basic graphic support NVIDIA m series is enough. Also, for more graphic intensive work GTX 10 SERIES < GTX 16 SERIES < RTX 20 SERIES are present for laptops. NVIDIA graphics are more popular in Laptops. Similarly AMD also has integrated Vega series (for basic performance) and dedicated Radeon RX 5000 series graphics for laptops.

How to choose laptop display

There are different display sizes available but 15.6 inch is most selling display. Also, there exists smaller and larger size display, so choose as per your convenience. Regarding display resolution 720p display is best for basic users. Moreover, if you need better graphic visuals whether it is editing, gaming or other graphic intensive task, then opt for at least 1080p monitor resolution.

Connectivity & Storage

Make sure to check out the essential ports available or missing in your laptop. Even if some ports are missing you can buy it separately. Regarding storage try to get SSD over HDD. SSD is around 100 times faster than HDD in terms of performance and boot up. Also make sure to check storage capacity as per your requirement.



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