How to earn money online? Here are 5+ best ways


1. Blogging:

  • It is one of the best way to earn money online. You can easily choose any of the topic you love most and have a wide knowledge about it such as personality development, social blogs, language learning blogs, food blogs, travel blogs, fitness blogs, etc. What you have to do is just write or express your views and share on internet.
  • Moreover, there are many platforms available nowadays where you can easily get started within an hour or couple of minutes.
  • Some of the most popular and easiest platform are WordPress, Tumblr, Squarespace, Medium, Live journal, Weebly.
  • Choose an attractive name for your blog.
  • Purchase a domain and get hosting and keep writing, one can also research and write and try to be original. You can also start blogging initially without purchasing a custom domain with the help of which is free and easy and let you create a unique and attractive blog.
  • Now in order to gain audience one can take help of social media platform to promote their blog such as facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. and also one can take help of their friend to share your content.
  • Once you are done with web hosting and good number of visitors, get your website verified from the most famous Google player Adsense or amazon display ads.
  • After getting approved now your blogs are able to be monetized from CPC/PPC where you are paid for the click you get on the ads shown on your blog and CPM where you get paid for cost per thousand impressions.
  • Furthermore, you can also sell ad space and get sponsored reviews if your channel has reached that potential.

2.   Freelancing:

You can also earn money online in millions from freelancing. Freelancing is a distance client service where you have freedom from time and location. Freelancing let you earn money on per-task basis. Sometimes it is also charged on hourly or daily basis for your work with great payment to clients from great nations such as UK, US, CANADA and AUSTRALIA. This is a great self-employment job opportunity for every individual who wants to work and earn online from this great platform. There are over billion of employers and freelancers globally from over 247 countries currently.

  • Signing up for freelancing website is absolutely free, the details filled by you should be authentic and clear for ease of getting client.
  • List of freelance jobs are IT and Programming (application design, web development, game development, website testing, etc.); Graphic design (website design, logo design, photo editing, etc.); Data entry (event planning, ms excel, video upload, etc.); Finance and accounting; Writing content and translation (writing blogs, transcription, translation, editing, content writing, copy writing, etc.); SEO (search engine optimization); SEM (search engine marketing); Customer support service (technical and business support). Basically all those work which you can perform easily through distance.

3.   YouTube:

The largest video sharing site on web owned by Google. Millions can be earned from YouTube as well and even many people are earning hefty amount from this platform. Some people earn money online just by part time working on YouTube and many with full time. Getting started with YouTube is very easy you can get started within an hour or couple of minutes. Here are some few useful tips for getting started as a YouTube creator:

  • Choose your topic and give an attractive name to your YouTube channel.
  • Your content should be genuine, do not copy from others as YouTube is very strict with its policy. You may get copyright strike and your channel may be terminated. Also copied content will not attract many subscribers to your YouTube channel.
  • Moreover, for more subscribers you must use good graphic quality and sound for your channel. Also, you must use good camera and good video editing software for your content which will give a professional look to your content.
  • You can also make a video blog (vlog) as lots of people love watching vlog will also help you gain more and more subscriber. Most important thing is to have patience and focus on your content.
  • Few popular topics to choose as a creator are Product unboxing, Tech and Gadget reviews, Health and fitness tips, Local or world breaking news, Celebrity news, cooking videos, restaurant and food reviews, Travel vlogging, comedy, fashion and style tips, DIY craft etc.

Now steps to earn money online

  • Monetize your channel form Google adsense to start advertisement with your YouTube channel and start getting paid.
  • You also get paid for sponsored videos if you channel has a potential to attract that particular product for which you will be showing that sponsored videos.
  • YouTube fan funding is also a great way to earn when you gain enough subscribers. YouTube super chat option helps once you go live, your subscriber pay for their comments to get pinned in a chat box. More you pay longer your comments are pinned. Patreon is also a best crowdfunding website which is designed to serve artists and creators. “Early access & behind the scene” works best at Patreon where you provide exclusive content for your paid customers.
  • You can also sell product directly related to you content (if your content is of such type)

4.   Photography:

If you are good at photography, that’s a good opportunity to earn money online by capturing and uploading your photos on web. Here are some tips for you:

  • You can make your blog related to photography with tips and tricks and even can sell your photos on yours blog.
  • You may also create a YouTube channel related to photography tips and tricks related to choosing camera, different camera kits, tools and camera settings.
  • Freelancer is also best option for you if you are planned photography as a career. Just sign up for free and get started.
  • Also, one of the most popular options available for you is selling your photos online through different websites where you can sign up for free and post your photos which will be made available to the customers finding for the picture of particular type.
  • Some of the popular website for selling your photos online are Getty Images, Shutterstock, 500px, Dreamstime, iStock, 123RF etc.

5.   Mobile marketing:

It is a multi-dimensional digital marketing or advertising strategy. It is aimed at reaching a target customer on their tablet, smartphones and PC via sms, email and social websites. Also, with more number of mobile users nowadays it’s easy to build a marketing place in Mobile services with a huge number of customers and earn online via:

  • SMS & E-mails is way through which various texts are being forwarded. This is done to target a customer containing a short description and a link to buy a product.
  • Push notification is other way to target a customer as there are more mobile phone users nowadays.
  • App-based & In game marketing is also most popular way to target audience. Apps displaying ads and in game purchase are more common these days.
  • QR code is also method to advertise your product. Generating QR for the product and posting in billboards, magazines and web pages containing more information and option to buy a product.

6.   Gaming:

With a growing number of gaming youths and more multiplayer strategy game in both PC and Mobile, there is a great option for you to earn online if you are good at gaming while streaming on gaming sites. One can earn millions of dollar from streaming Games online. Here you get paid from the streaming source as well as from your viewers or subscriber.

Some of the popular streaming websites are Twitch, YouTube gaming, Facebook live & Mixer.

7.   Building apps & websites:

With growing number of population there are also a growing number of demands. Today there are more number of companies who are in need to provide Goods and services for which there is a need for good platform to interact with customer. So with growing number of internet users all over the world it’s very easy to get connect with apps and website which a great niche for app or website builder. Here are some useful tips:

  • You can sign up for freelancer and find project related to app development and web development and earn hefty amount.
  • Create your own app or web in order to reach among population with creative ideas such as health, diet plan, daily goals, daily news, product review etc.


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