How to fix battery drain in windows 10


Managing laptop battery is significant concern among the users. It is important to maintain the performance of the battery and sustain its life. More battery power capacity does not mean you will get long term performance, but power management will let you fix battery drain issue in windows 10.

Windows 10 is regularly providing updates for best user experience. Windows is constantly optimizing its operating system enhancing the battery performance. Adding new features for easing the battery management has significantly improved the battery life. Apart from OS optimization there are also various factors which leads to more battery consumption are display brightness, processors, external connections, complex task handling, etc. Moreover more number of charge cycles will reduce battery efficiency leading to poor power backup.

How to fix battery drain issue in windows 10

1. External connections

Unplug your extra connections and those which are not in use. Your laptop has well assembled hardware according to your battery capacity. Any extra power using source such as RGB keyboard and mouse will drain your laptop battery quickly. Some common mistakes such as leaving your smartphone or tablet connected to your laptop USB will lead to poor battery backup. In short lower the load, better the battery performance.

2. General fixing

Battery drain issue can also be fixed by change in settings. You can lower down the screen brightness to eye comfort level as high screen brightness rapidly drains the battery. Also try to lessen your startup programs and close all the inessential programs running. It will ensure you prolong and healthy battery life.

3. Battery saver mode

Battery saver mode is one of the best options to fix your battery drain issues in windows 10. You can enable battery saver mode manually either by clicking on battery icon on taskbar or directly from windows action center. By turning on this mode you can have more standby time as it will restrict all the applications running in background. The mode includes more options to automatically turn on the battery saver mode if battery falls to particular percentage (which you have to set).

4. Check battery usage

It is important to know about the battery usage if you are facing battery drain issue. By clicking on battery settings navigate to battery usage by app. Here you have list of all the apps consuming battery power shown in percentage. Now you can easily identify an application consuming more power. After that you have an option to restrict the applications usage in background or remove an application.

5. Power troubleshooter

Windows power troubleshooter is very easy method which may help you fix your battery drain issue in few seconds. Click on windows start button and click on setting icon, move to update & security then at the left pane choose troubleshoot option. Under Find and fix other problems, click on the Power, now run the troubleshooter. Now it will detect and fix any power issues automatically.

How to fix battery drain in windows 10

6. Create a power plan

You can create your own power plan in windows 10 to leverage your system performance. This option gives you control to optimize the battery usage by adjusting screen brightness, screen on time and sleep for battery mode and plucked in mode. Just right click to battery icon on your windows taskbar and choose power options, then click on Create a power plan and adjust the settings wisely.

7. Troubleshoot using command

You can also track the issues which are draining your battery using powercfg command utility tool. Simply run the command prompt as an administrator and input the command powercfg/energy and press enter. Wait for 60 seconds and your HTML report will be generated. Now check out the issues.

Also you can generate complete battery health report by typing powercfg/batteryreport. In this report you can check out the battery usage, usage history, battery capacity history, battery life estimates, cycle count, etc.

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