How to fix Windows 10 Bluetooth issue


Bluetooth connectivity offers easy file sharing, device pairing, connecting Bluetooth speakers and other wireless connections. Many times Bluetooth stops working for various other reasons such as interrupted windows settings, Bluetooth driver issue, etc.

Obviously Windows 10 is regularly pushing update but still some people are facing this issue. It should be noted if your Bluetooth hardware has no issue, you can easily fix it else you have to go for other options than fixing. Here are the steps to fix Windows 10 Bluetooth issue.

How to fix Windows 10 Bluetooth

1. Check Settings

First of all check out the Windows settings. Check whether you have switched on Airplane mode. By default Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is set to off. So either turn off the airplane mode or turn on the Bluetooth option within airplane mode. For settings, Go to windows action center, right click on Airplane mode icon, the click on Go to settings. Also you can go to setting by typing Airplane mode in Windows taskbar.

2. Reinstall your Bluetooth driver

Try to reinstall your Bluetooth driver. Many times reinstalling solves the issue. To reinstall go to Windows search box and type Device manager, locate Bluetooth, double-click on expand it. Now right click on the driver appeared and choose Uninstall device and proceed to Uninstall. Now go to your product site (if you don’t have stored file), download the driver and install it.

fix Windows 10 Bluetooth

3. Update your Bluetooth driver

If your Bluetooth is not working properly, update your driver. To update go to Device manager, expand Bluetooth, right click on the driver, then click on Update driver. Further you have to choose from Search automatically for updated driver software or Browse my computer fir driver software. Former will download and install best driver for your device automatically, while latter will make you choose file available in your PC disk.

fix Windows 10 Bluetooth

4. Troubleshoot Bluetooth

This is an easiest way to fix your Bluetooth in few minutes. Navigate to Windows Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot. Now under Find and fix other problems locate and click Bluetooth. Now click Run the troubleshooter and let Windows find and fix the issue.

5. Windows System Restore

Have you messed up with your network or connectivity settings? This might be creating trouble but no need to worry, here is a solution. Right click on This PC, Navigate to Properties > System Protection > System Restore > Next. After clicking on Next > you will be shown Date and Time to which the system settings will be restored.

Choose from the Date and Time you feel that your Bluetooth connectivity was working fine and click on Next >. It should be noted that System Restore do not affect any your files or data but recently installed programs might get uninstalled.

Note: If your problem still persists, then it may be because of Windows 10 1903 or 1909 version. It keeps breaking up your Bluetooth in some devices (read the issue from Forbes). Microsoft will surely fix this issue as soon as possible. Secondly there may be problem with your Bluetooth hardware. Try to change or get a new one.

Alternative app for Bluetooth

If you consider Bluetooth only for file transfer, try Wi-Fi sharing instead of Bluetooth. File sharing speed is approximately 200 times faster, unlike Bluetooth. Here are some great applications which will help you in transfer from phone to phone, phone to PC, PC to phone or from PC to PC.

  • SHAREit
  • AirDroid
  • Pushbullet
  • Xender
  • SendAnywhere

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