How to prevent coronavirus via mobile or laptop?


As the novel coronavirus has been declared pandemic, it has created very tough situation across the Globe. We are hoping that vaccination to be available soon, but how soon any medical experts cannot confirm. Coronavirus is highly contagious disease. The only thing we can do is to prevent ourselves from being contaminated.

Mobile phones and laptops offer greater mobility. It is being carried out from place to place and may become a virus carrier. Even in lockdown like situation people move outside to buy essentials. People themselves are dressed with protective gears but do forget about the device they are carrying with themselves.

You have to make sure that your mobile phones or its accessories are not exposed to public places and should not even come in contact with unknown person amid COVID 19 (learn more about it).

How to prevent coronavirus via smartphones and laptops?

#. Self-preservation

Best possible way to protect yourself from coronavirus is self-preservation. In such a situation do not expose yourself or your device to public places. Wash your hand well with soap or alcohol hand rub before touching your mobile phone to protect yourself and your family members as well. Do not share your mobile phone with unknown person.

In such a pandemic still some people are bound to work. If carrying laptop make sure not to place your laptop at unknown location. Make sure to sanitize the desk before placing your laptop. Do not let others use yours and do not use others device for better care.

#. Alcohol Swab

If you are in doubt that your smartphone has been exposed to such virus, do not wash with water. Doing so may void your warranty. The alternative you can easily use is Alcohol swab. You can get this easily from medical shop. It contains Isopropyl alcohol which is very efficient in eradicating harmful bacteria and virus. It is very safe and simple to use. The same can be performed to disinfect your laptop.

#. Isopropyl alcohol

You can also use Isopropyl alcohol solution to sanitize you device. It is easily available in local market. It will be better to dilute with water in 1:1 ratio. Never pour the solution directly. First sprinkle over microfiber cloth (do not over saturate) then wipe your device.

When using the solution for your laptop, use in similar way. Firstly wipe the keyboard, touchpad, vents and ports. Then wipe down the display and chassis. The solution is very effective disinfectant one can use easily.

#. UV sanitizer

UV sanitizer is very effective, portable and easy to use gadget you can have to sanitize your phone. You can easily sanitize your phone whether at work, home or travelling in car by placing in UV sanitizer case. It consists of UV bulbs powered by USB cable which works as a very good disinfectant.

Prevent coronavirus via mobile accessories

#. No share for better care

Of course we know sharing is caring but during coronavirus crisis sharing your accessories may infect you. Please do not share your mobile accessories such earphone, data cables, adapters, power banks, etc. Also avoid using others.


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