Top and best simulator games for smartphones.


People love simulator games because it brings you thrilling and real life experience. Most loved and installed simulator games are vehicle simulator games. Different vehicle simulator games are car simulator, bus simulator, truck simulator, train simulator, plane simulator, etc. So if you need to experience different vehicles (cars, buses, truck, etc) in different types of maps, below are the selected and most downloaded one for you.

What are simulator games?

Simulator games are such type of games which provides you almost real experience-copy by enabling realistic graphic, sounds and wide range of controls to perform an action. Further it depends upon developer that how realistic the graphic, sounds and controls are.

1. Driving School 2017 (android)

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Driving School 2017 is realistic driving simulator by Ovidiu Pop. Developer is regularly pushing update to fix bug, adding vehicles, adding maps and different modes. This simulator will teach you to drive numerous different cars. Driving School allows different environment mode to play such as highways, mountain, country road, city, desert, etc.

The game features about hundred vehicles to unlock with real engine sounds. It consist around 15 detailed maps. The vehicles have very smooth control with touch steering wheel, tilt steering and buttons. All vehicles interiors are well detailed and show realistic damage view. Also it consists of 80 plus challenging level and most demanding free ride mode. So install and have fun.

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2. Bus Simulator : Ultimate (android/IOS)

This bus simulator is also a best simulator game by Zuuks Games. Its gameplay is smooth and impressive which provide you real bus driving experience. Basically this bus simulator is about establishing your bus company and evolving into largest corporation.

Bus Simulator features well designed amazing coach buses with realistic interior and exterior. Controls include steering wheel, tilt and buttons. Furthermore the game has realistic traffic system, weather and sound effects. Just follow your roadway with 250+ radio stations and your ride.

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3. Truck Simulator 2018 : Europe (android/IOS)

Truck simulator gives you best truck driver experience. It is developed by Zuuks Games. This game lets you become a real truck driver, driving across Europe. Developer is constantly working on giving you best experience by adding new levels, new trucks, new roads and fixing bugs via update.

Euro truck simulator features 13 astounding truck with realistic interiors and truck driving experience. There are over 60 challenging levels with achievements and leaderboards. Also in-game truck control is very easy and smooth comprising steering, tilt and button feature. Realistic weather and traffic system adds more thrilling experience while playing.

4. X-Plane Flight Simulator (android/IOS)

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X-Plane Flight Simulator is a true simulator game by Laminar Research. This simulator will make you experience ultra-realistic planes, realistic interior designs and controls. 3D Cockpit consisting of hundreds of buttons, displays, knobs, switches and even more which will make you feel like a real pilot.

The app features various aircraft such as Cessna, Cirrus, Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Douglas, etc. All the aircraft designs, systems and engine sounds are true to life. There are over 37 thousand airports also many of them featuring 3D terminal. There are over 5 different scenery regions unlocked for free. You can also avail global scenery through subscription.

5. Ship Sim 2019 (android)

Ship Simulator is new, astonishing simulator game by Ovidiu Pop. You will find totally new and exciting experience when driving on sea. The game is all about sailing around Mediterranean Sea. Its mission is to navigate around Mediterranean port cities.

Ship simulator features dozen of ships such as cruise ships, oil tanker or a massive cargo ship. You have to complete missions to earn money and get the largest ship and voyage around Mediterranean. Water reflection, weather and day-night cycle is just impressive. Environment and actual ship control sound are too realistic as a result throws a great impression to this game.

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