Upcoming powerful macOS update – more secure


Apple previewed latest version of its upcoming powerful macOS update – Big Sur. Apple macOS which is the world’s most advanced Operating System has got update and will soon be available for mac users. It features beautiful redesigned UI which is yet very familiar. Certainly it’s a big update.

The new powerful macOS update also consist of Safari browser upgrades which is now more fast, more secure, customizable homepage, elegant and powerful tabs, easy translation and more privacy. Moreover, message and maps got new immersive features. Furthermore, apple adds more transparency over app data sharing.

macOS Big Sur

Upcoming powerful macOS update – Big Sur features

Overall design upgrade

Design got a new look – Upcoming powerful macOS update provides new spacious design resulting in easy navigation. Moreover, the dock icons got new design for being more consistent with icons across apple ecosystem. Furthermore, the buttons and controls appear only if it is needed and disappears when not in need, hence creating more fresh, focused and familiar viewing experience.

Now there is a new control center which delivers quick access to controls. Also, the new notification center features interactive notifications and modified widgets in different size. Furthermore, the core apps features more organized multiple open windows for easier app interaction.

Safari – Experience more

Feel fast and more secure with Safari browser. It performs far better than other browser. Moreover, the browser performs nearly 50 percent faster than chrome while loading frequently visited sites. Tabs have been modified completely to make navigation faster and powerful.

Safari now brings more customizable features where you can customize the background image of the start page along with iCloud and reading list tabs. Also, the browser can now translate the entire webpage from seven languages. Furthermore, safari also safeguards your browsing activity over the web.

upcoming powerful macOS update

Messages – Be more expressive

The message app now comes with new tool for the conversation management and sharing expressive messages. Now you can pin your favorite conversation for fast access and new search design for quickly find what you are looking for. Moreover, you can now create and customize your emoji and can express yourself with memoji stickers matching your mood and personality.

More messaging features include inline replies to respond to the particular message in a group. Also, you can directly respond to a message in a group by tagging the person’s name. Additionally you can also set photos and emojis for your group conversation.

Maps redesigned

The new macOS map got a new look. Now you have guide option from the trusted source for discovering places and other things to perform. Selected cities can be explored in immersive 3D view. Moreover, you can now explore interior layout of major shopping complex and airports before making a visit. Furthermore cycling and e-vehicle trips can now be easily routed. Also you can send to iPhone when needed.

Privacy in upcoming powerful macOS update

The new macOS update gives you more transparency over data sharing. The Mac app store will let you know about the data that app might collect before installing them to your Mac, hence providing more security to users.

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