YouTube Shorts – Increase your popularity


Just get ready for YouTube Shorts – A short video platform on YouTube. It allows next generation mobile creators to grow community on YouTube with Shorts. Moreover, it features like tiktok but it is not same as tiktok as it also features 15 seconds video composer by mixing music.

Also, as a Google product it will help you increase your popularity quickly with more spectators already present and watching. The videos made will appear on the YouTube home page in Shorts shelf as well as across the other parts of the app.

YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts by Google – Time to show talent

Just get started to express yourself in a new way. There are ongoing testing with new tools for creators and artists. YouTube shorts new watch experience will let users easily swipe one video to the next vertically. Also, there will be more creation tool available and easier way to watch short videos soon. YouTube is looking forward to empower young generation artist and mobile creator on its great video platform.


It enables the users to string multiple clips together with multi segment camera. Moreover, it features large collection of songs to record with music; song library will continue to grow. Also, it has speed control which will help users being more creative in performance. Furthermore, it also adds timer and countdown for easy recording. More features will be coming soon so stay tuned.


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